It's all about performance.

At gopersonal, platform usage price is calculated individually based on monthly sessions. We're committed to delivering results that not only meet but exceed your expectations, ensuring a return on investment that adds value to your business. Your success is our pricing benchmark.

Unlock a world of possibilities with gopersonal's pricing package. Our commitment to your success means we offer an extensive array of features designed to supercharge your personalization efforts. With us, you'll receive:

Flexible session management:
Start with a set number of monthly sessions and add more as needed.
Robust personalization module:
Empower your personalization efforts with our feature-rich module.
Audience targeting module:
Reach your ideal customers with precision.
User-journey guidance module:
Seamlessly guide your customers through their journey.
Comprehensive metrics:
Gain data-driven insights with in-depth analytics.
AI-powered recommendations:
Make smart decisions with AI-driven suggestions.
A/B testing capabilities:
Optimize your strategies with easy A/B testing.
Multi-channel reach:
Extend your reach across websites, apps, conversational channels, Email, SMS, and live shopping.
Native integrations:
Seamlessly integrate with VTEX, Magento, and Shopify.
SMTP server integration:
Ensure smooth email communication with integrated SMTP servers.
Hosting and SaaS support:
Keep everything running smoothly with hosting and SaaS support.
Up to 10 personalized experiences:
Create and manage up to 10 tailored experiences.

Enhance your experience
with our add-ons

Discover how you can get even more from our platform with our feature-packed add-ons.

Go Search
checkGo Search is your gateway to a next-level search experience, driven by AI.
checkOur pricing is simple and cost-effective at just $0.001 per search request/mo.
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Go Live-shop
checkGo Live-shops brings your retail experience to life with dynamic live streaming.
checkOur pricing is flexible, cost-effective, and scalable, based on your monthly contracted minutes and the number of users per event.
checkOne-to-many or One-to-one mode: Tailor your live shopping experience to your audience.
checkHosting SaaS Included: Enjoy hassle-free hosting.
checkProactive solution monitoring: Ensure everything runs smoothly.
checkAccess to back office: Dive into metrics and configurations for maximum control.
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AI Personal shopper
checkAI Personal Shopper elevates your customers shopping experience. It's more than an online assistant; it's a personalized shopping advisor that evolves with each interaction.
checkTransparent pricing: Cost-effective pricing based on the number of AI interactions per month.
checkFlexible options: Scale according to your usage needs.
Ready to explore Go Live-shop in detail?
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